Perk Profile: Laundry Loops?

Yep, it’s time for another Perk Profile. If you don’t remember, a Perk Profile is where we highlight one of the perks we offer at Pro Athlete and give you the sneak peek behind the scenes of how we do it and why we do it. Check it out!

Wellness is a big part of the culture here at Pro Athlete. It’s one of our 12 Core Values, we have several amenities that support a healthy work environment, and we have a lot of competitive people at our office that really help drive that style of living forward. One of the underdog perks that revolves around our wellness program is our laundry loop system. Just like so many sports organizations out there, we have a locker room for our PROS and provide them with a laundry service.

Now, before you fall out of your chair, this isn’t for clothes you wear everyday or your kids’ clothes or anything like that, even though that would be really cool. Might have to add that one to the list!!!! It’s actually just for the clothes our PROS wear to workout. It’s pretty simple: go workout, come back into the locker room and inside your locker there is a laundry loop with a number on it that corresponds with your locker number. Simply loop all your workout clothes together and throw them into the hamper. Come back the next day and your clothes are washed and back in your locker, ready to do some more burpees. 

IMG_6532 (1).jpg

Life can come at you fast with things at work and at home and sometimes, it’s hard to find time for yourself. Here though, we can’t let that happen to our employees. We want to give them all the resources to invest time in themselves, so when they go home, they can also invest time with their families or whatever other passions they might have. Providing the laundry service is just another way to remove any roadblocks for our PROS so they can live out a healthy lifestyle at work and at home!