4 Misconceptions & 4 Truths About Pro Athlete

We put a short list of common misconceptions together about Pro Athlete to clear up any confusion about us. There are several, but these are our favorites. We also threw in some truths.


1. You are a Sports Agency that represents professional athletes.

That would be awesome! We are fortunate to have current and former athletes come by sometimes, but we aren’t their agents. If we were agents though, we would model ourselves after Jerry Maguire of course.

2. You had to play sports in the past to work here.

We do have a lot of former athletes that are drawn to our culture, and we like the mindset of former competitive athletes in the business world, but we don’t want an office full of just athletes. We want diversity in the way we think.

Now, we will have you run the 40 yd dash, see how many fastballs you can hit at 90 mph and test your vertical jump during the interview process, but what company doesn’t do that right????

3. All you do is play. There is no work done there.

While it might seem that way on tours, our team puts in a lot of time and effort to make this thing work. Excuse the cliche, but our team tends to work smarter, not harder. We are blessed to have a great group of people here. Not to mention, we believe you should have have fun at work. Why not!

4. Your company name is Pro Athletics and your best website is Just4Bats.com.

Not true at all. We will even get people who are applying to work here during an interview call us Pro Athletics. Just4Bats is another one we get all the time.


1. We have the best Chef.

We are super spoiled here to get free food everyday. And it’s not just your run-of-the-mill lunch items. We do Sushi, lamb chops, salmon, fresh vegetables, Pho, etc. The list goes on and on and our Chef is amazing. If you mention you like a certain thing one day, BOOM, it will be an option to eat the next day.

2. We have our JustBats.com logo on our roof.

Yep, this is true. We are close to the airport, so we thought it would be cool to see our logo when flying in and out of KCI. So far we haven’t had anyone let us know they saw it (oops), so maybe you will be the first!


3. We obsess over treating our employees and customers like royalty.

We don’t know any other way to do it. It feels right and it’s fun. We were all raised by our parents to always try to do the right thing. As simple as that message is, we still try to follow that message in our business.

4. We are protective of our culture.

There isn’t a more stone-cold truth on this list than this one. Getting a job with us is like hitting for the cycle. It’s hard and not a lot of people do it. We aren’t trying to be arrogant, we have just invested a lot of time into creating a cool culture. One wrong hire can ruin it for everyone that is already here.

A lot of people reach out to try and get in and we tell them all the same thing. We tell them to do something to separate themselves from everyone else in that stack. And separating yourself for us never comes in the form of a resume. We hire for culture first and skills second, so the best way to get in is to prove to us that you fit the culture and can enhance it.

Hopefully we were able to clear up any confusion you might have had about us. So, if you are interested in working at Pro Athletics, please send us record of how many reps you can bench press at 225 lbs. Deal? If you can’t, don’t worry it’s not a deal breaker.